First weekend trip – PANORAMA ROUTE & BUNGY

Last weekend we had a few lovely days in Graskop. What did we do?

Saturday we drove off at 6.00 o clock in the morning, and arrived at our destination around 10.30 o clock.


We had pancake at the famous ‘Harrie’s pancake house’ and after that we drove off to a rough river where we went tubing. This was so cool! We did jumps in the river off rocks which were 9 meters high…

IMGP5722 IMGP5702 IMGP5633

We stayed the night at ‘Sherries lodge’. It was a lovely place with very cute ‘backpacker houses’. It was just extremely cold. We where freezing in the night. So we slept with 3 blankets, our jeans and pullovers.. But we laughed!!


The day after we did something even more exciting than the day before. We went BUNGY JUMPING!!
It is called ‘The Swing’ because you jump back-to-front but not up-side-down.. It was a free fall of 70 METERS!
I did a twin-jump with Melanie and my nice, Emma, did the jump on her own.
A free fall of 70 meters, I can tell you it was quite frightening! But if you see the pictures and the nature we had where we did this swing, I mean, WAUW!

DSC_2006 - kopie

CSC_2079 CSC_2081 CSC_2078Our beautiful view!!!!!!!!!!!!


After our lovely morning-wake-up-swing at 9.00 o clock in the morning we drove off to the panorama route. We saw all the amazing viewpoints of the northern part of South Africa: God’s window, the three rondavels, Burlucke’s Potholes and Blyde River Canyon.

DSC_0069 DSC_0039 CSC_0074

Pot Holes!DSC_2092

Walking up to GOD’s WINOW ! CSC_0116

And there we are, GOD’s WINDOW






DSC_0064 DSC_0005 DSC_0003LISBON!

After doing the route, we drove back home, because the roads are too hard to drive in the darkness. Tjeez 4 hour drive is quite long I can tell you, including all the POTHOLES in the roads.. But that is South Africa, the distances are far. We drove over 700 kilometres this weekend..!!


Lucky enough we had a beautiful view and “Pitch Perfect” songs with us, haha.
Second weekend trip – PRETORIA & JBURG
The road trough our work is quite bumpy, they are working on the roads so we are actually driving off road for the last few weeks.. This weekend we drove up to Pretoria and Johannesburg. We came here because we needed to change our hired car. We had 2 big stars in our front window because of the roads..

We visited a shopping centre and had a dinner at my uncles place, who lives in Johannesburg! Pretoria is full of ”’ Yakaranda Three’s ”, and we were lucky that they just came out this month. This is how all the streets in Pretoria look like now:

The day after we visited the ‘Apartheids Museum’.
This was a very touching museum. I got the feeling that the black people felt the same like the jews felt in Germany. It was a shock for me when I realised that the ‘apartheid’ has just ended in 1990. That means that the apartheid still exist while I was born… Wow!


We also watched a few movies there which gave us a feeling of the apartheid in South Africa:
– Winnie Mandela
– Long walk to Freedom
(If you haven’t seen these movies…. You have a plan for comming weekend!)

This museum had an extra exhibition ‘The life of Nelson Mandela ’. The exposition of Mister Mandela was very interesting. He gave too lines which I found special me.
1. “Prison is the only place where you meet yourself; rest, time and no disterbing ”
2. “I was so happy with my garden. It is the only thing in prison which you can take care of. You plant something, take care of it, give it food, visit it every day.. And you even see it develop. It was one of the things which kept me alive. “

In the evening we visited a very interesting restaurant, it was called ‘The Carnivor’. You can imagine what kind of restaurant it is….. meat meat and meat. As a lot of you know I am not a big fan of meat but this was more like a “ meat tasting adventure “.

I ate: ANTILOPE, KUDO, ZEBRA, IMPALA and even CROCODILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mostly say the zebra was terrible, really dry and hard. But the crocodile…. oh my gosh, my favourite meat so far..


It was a hell of an experience. The sad thing was, we came to visit this restaurant on Sunday.. And the whole restaurant was empty and all the guys wanted to leave… It was kind of awkward as you can imagine. But we laughed and had a lot of fun with the four of us 😉

We also visited this small village called “Dullstroom”. Here we went for Clay pigeon shooting. This was fun, but very hard.The power which gets out of a big hunting gun is extreme… Bregje even got a pain in her shoulder while shooting.. The girls from the countryside (Brabanttt) got the most points.




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