Rocky Fit South Africa

Rocky fit is an Dutch sports academy. Renee Diks is the owner of this sport school. His dream is to teach people how to box. This dream came true when he heard he was allowed to start a ‘KICK-BOX Rocky Fit School’ in South Africa.

As you all know South Africa is known for a the country with a lot of violence. We do not want more violence in this township.. So, first of all my aunt was a bit afraid when Renee Diks came.. Trainer Renee Diks (also known as ‘the beast’), a very big guy, tattoos all over his body, long hair and his strong facial mimic. He is a well known kickboxer, this man boxes with Bather Hari, quite impressive hey..
But the moment this man started talking everything changed. He really knows what he is doing!

Rocky Fit Amsterdam/Apeldoorn
Renee told us what he does in The Netherlands. Besides the fact that he trains young boys kick-boxing, he also gives trainings to certain groups. One of the trainings he gives is; “create a better self-esteem”. He helps young kids which are bullied at school, to become more confident. He talks to the kid and asks how he is been bullied. After words he does exactly the same to these children as the bullies do. Renee wants to change the memory of these kids and will try to associate the life event with something positive. He also learns these kids how to stand up for themselves, have a strong body posture and how to defend themselves. So this strong, big, tattooed beasty man is actually a psychological therapist (combined with sports)!

Rocky Fit South Africa
As I wrote in my blogs before, Renee wants to build up a kickbox school for the children out of the township. He is planning to come to South-Africa 4 times a year. His next visit will be in January 2015.
These two weeks where planned to search for dedicated, motivated and consequent trainers!
A few weeks ago we (I, Bregje, Manouk and Melanie) scouted boys at the supermarket and asked if they were interested in becoming trainers.
The last 2 weeks these boys became ambassadors of ‘Rocky Fit South Africa’.

Renee wanted to have real motivated trainers so he made these trainings very hard.
Trainings where twice a day, 6 times a week.
1st training: 9.00-10.30 ( the trainers)
2nd training: 15.00-16.30 (the trainers + kids)

CSC_0161 CSC_0032 CSC_0031 CSC_0017

I decided to participate to. But the moment you participate, you are part of the team. So there was no way back for me. My gosh, these trainings were rough
To late = no respect for the team = 20 push ups with kick in your belly
Talking during training = no respect for the teacher = 20 push ups with a kick in your belly
Taking an exercise not serious = no respect for the teacher = 20 push ups for the whole team

DSC_0371 DSC_0372 DSC_0525It looks very hard, and actually it is… BUT I am very happy I am able to attent these lessons, because it has given me a connection with the local boys and a few girls. It gave me a change to talk to them as if we where the same.  Because they have respect for me they trust me and they tell me storys about their life here in a township.
We have a lot of discussions about ‘life in Europe’ and ‘Life in South Africa’.
That the Dutch people live in a much more “Individual culture” compaire to the africans. With their “familiar/we” – culture..
I also told them about the working mentality in The Netherlands.. Work work work (stress) and after a long week of working, you have weekend; time for your family and time to relax..
I told them I am jealous at their way of looking to life.. ‘Live now, live while you are young, healty and strong… Do not wait a few years, wait a few weeks or even a day.. Every day you must live, relax and enjoy!’


Renee is not just here to teach these guys how to kickbox.
1. He wants to make the township more safe. In the beginning of every training he told us: If you see trouble in the townships, tell them to come to the gym, tell them to fight it out here.
2. Besides that he is also trying to teach the population more respect. A lot of people in South Africa have no respect for each other. He wants to give these guys a good example so these guys can teach this example throughout the township!

Interesting to see how important sports are in the world. It brings out the main basic qualities of people!

  1. Respect
  2. Solidarity
  3. Equality

One of the girls told me she found it very interesting that this group is getting along so well. It seemed that a few of these guys where on non-speaking-terms for the last few years. But because of this training they needed to communicate with each other. Doesn’t that sound good! It was amazing to see what happened with this group.

If it comes to sports, it seems that everybody is equal. In sports it does not matter:
– African or European
– moslim or catholic
– black or white
– men or woman


I have never realised that sport is so important, that it reaches these qualities. Well I can tell you, I have seen it happen here! Sports fraternizes people!


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