Week 3 and 4

Hello all, nice of you to read my new blog! It has been a while that I wrote a new blog.. I was so busy with a lot of things here that I couldn’t find the time. But I guess that is a good sign right 😉 ?

We had 2 very busy weeks (week 3 and 4) because there were a few new groups from The Netherlands who are visiting South Africa to help ‘Ndlovu Care Group’.

I will give you a summary of the groups that came to visit us.
– Esther Vergeer
– Rocky Fit – Kick Box Club
– Looming Group
– Tjommie


1. The family of Esther Vergeer (Famous Dutch Weelchair Tenniser)
Esther Vergeer was here for 2 days. Friday afternoon she gave a wheelchair clinic for the disabled children in South Africa. It was wonderful to see how the disabled wheelchair boys & girls where looking up to Esther. Esther is a great woman, she has so much patience. We also had 2 lovely evenings with her.
The first evening she came to the house of my uncle and aunt. Before coming here, I would not have thought I would be standing in the garden of my uncle and aunt, making my own Chinese food on a BBQ, next to Esther Vergeer. An interesting woman to talk with. It was a privilage to meet here!


2. Rocky Fit – Academy
Rocky Fit is a sports academy in The Netherlands (Apeldoorn/Amsterdam) which focuses itself on Kick-Boxing. They want to build a “Rocky Fit South Africa” in the township Groblersdal, where ‘Ndlovu Care Group Clinic’ is. In my next blog I will explain more about this project.

3. Looming Group
The women of the Rocky Fit trainers wanted to mean something for all the kids in Africa as well during their stay in South Africa. So When the men had their trainings with the kick-boxers , the woman visited (pre) schools. They brought ‘Looming material’ (13 Kilo’s). As you might know, looming is the new hype of ‘knitting’. The children made their own bracelets, hair bands, rings and a lot of other stuff.

DSC_0059 DSC_0058As you might know, a lot of (oversees) people make photo’s of all the children but the children never get something back.. So what they also brought was a “portable picture printer”. While visiting the pre-schools, they made a picture of every child on their own. The day after they visited these children to give them a picture of themselves. It was interesting to see how these children look at themselves. Most of them have never ever seen a picture of themselves before.
As you can imagine all the children get excited and cheerful if they get a visit of a group of ‘white’ people.
But not all the kids where that happy to see us. A few kids started to get very silent, cry and got afraid. We asked the teachers what was wrong.. She told us that these few kids never saw a ‘white person’ before. (not in real life, not on tv, not on pictures..) So they where frightened, as you can imagine.
After the teacher telling us this, we went to sit next to one of these kids. I slowly gave this boy my hand, so he could feel my hand and arm. At the end the boy was laughing and felt more secure.

4. Tjommie
Tjommie is a dutch foundation which stands for ‘Every kid a chance’. Tjommie means ‘friend’.  The TJOMMIE Foundation finances projects of Ndlovu Care Group. They hope to give the people more empowerment with their funds, so they can come out of their visual cirkel. (more information you can look on their website:
The ambassador of this project visited the country to see how everything is going so far. This man is also a professional photographer, so he learned me a few tips about photography in Africa. I really enjoyed that!

All these groups arrived 2 weeks ago. The planning was to welcome them with a small ‘sportsday’.
The whole planning was typically ‘African’ of the “Ndlovu Care Group – workers”.. Who is coming? Esther who? Rocky what? What do we need to organize? The team which was responsible of this sportsday had not arranged anything.. So we arrived at Ndlovu on Friday morning and needed to organize the whole event at that morning itself. Bregje and Manouk went off to the schools to ask if all the children will come and join the sportsday this afternoon.
Because most of the children have to walk 5/10 kilometres going home first and have something to drink shoud take too long. We needed to organize something for that to. So Melanie and I went off to the supermarket to by drinks and biscuits for 200 children.

Luckely everything was ready on time and it turned out to be a wonderful sportsday!

DSC_1751 DSC_1800

In the evening we ended this busy day at a very extraordinary romantic place. My uncle and aunt live next to a nature park cold ‘Loskopdam Nature Reserve’. This is a nature park, full of impala’s, zebra’s, giraffes, monkeys, buffels and a lot more. It was quite this evening, we just saw impala’s and monkeys…

On top of one of the hills they have built an amazing lapa. We had a traditional ‘Braai’ on top of this hill. This is a traditional South African barbeque. The sunset was amazing and the people we were with where as interesting as the surroundings. What a night!

CSC_1984 DSC_1906

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