Second week @ NDLOVU

Hello all! Here it is still amazing. I hope you are all okay as well?
We are already our third week, the time flies when your having fun…

In the second week we did a few different projects for ‘Ndlovu Care Group’.

1. Introduction house headed households
We visited a township where we introduced ourselves to a few families. As I told you, our research is about what is going on in the families of child headed households. We will interview all the child headed kids. The age group of these child headed varies from 14 to 23 years.
Melanie en Manouk study commercial economics. They will research how these families are earning their money and what they spend it on.
Bregje and I will focus on the emotional side of the problems. A few example questions are:
– What kind of social and physiological problems do the firstborn child (child head) experience?
– To whom does the firstborn child go for social help? (Social guidance)
– What would help the firstborn child (child head) to process the social and physiological difficulties?

The answers to these questions we would need to build up a trusting relationship with these child headed households. So first of all we are going to introduce ourselves so they get to know us.


Last week we introduced our self to a few families. We brought all the families to each other and organized a introduction morning. Sometimes this was quite hard because of the language barrier.
It was so cute, they were all in love with our hair. Willing to touch it and make plates in it.

As you can see we did some games with the families, because you do not need to talk to play these games! They really and truly enjoyed their afternoon. And so did we!

2. Structure at the playground
Ndlovu is a community which has a lot of sponsors from The Nederlands. As you all might know Ndlovu is a medical AIDS clinic, but it has expanded itself. It has also become a ‘social community’. Ndlovu has a motto that says; begin at the begin, that is what works! So if you want to start at the beginning of a person’s health, you will have to start with the health care of children. This is why Ndlovu has introduces a ‘Sports Centre’. This is a playground with 5 different sports fields. They have a sports field for football, basketball, volleyball and tennis.
Ndlovu is a community which has a lot of sponsors from The Nederlands. A lot of sponsors have helped Ndlovu to make this sports centre possible. For example, the football field is produced by ‘The Johan Cruijf Foundation’. A few years ago he visited Ndlovu himself to open op this wonderful football field!



It is wonderful to see how much the kids out of the township enjoy this playground. Still and all there is not a real structure in this playground. It is a pity because it is such a nice place.
This is why we are going to design the ‘NDLOVU SPORTS SCEDUAL’. We hope to make it more structured so that all kids can play together one sport at a time instead of 5 girls playing basketball, 8 boys playing football and 2 boy playing tennis. With this schedule we also hope to create a real ‘community centre’. That when these kids come to The Ndlovu Sports Centre, they need to feel ’the group feeling’.

3. Kick-box training
Ndlovu has a lot of sponsors, a new sponsor is ‘Rocky-Fit’, a sports academy from The Nederlands. Rocky-Fit wants to found a ‘Rocky-Fit South Africa’. They are sourcing for young strong boys who would like to work for this sports academy. This coming Friday they are going to begin the training of ‘Become a Kick-Box Trainer’.
The workers of Ndlovu where asked to scout a few strong guys who will be 200% motivated to follow this clinic and become a KICK-BOX trainer.

I was joined in the meeting of the organization of Ndlovu. It was funny to see how the African culture adapts to e-mails and appointments. There is not a real time set up for the meeting, nobody read the email or understood what was going to happen at the event.

POSTER :  definitieve poster rocky fit af

At the end of the meeting I advised them that I would make a big poster and that Bregje, Manouk, Melanie and I will go to the supermarket and hang up these posters. Will we arrived at the supermarket/local shopping street I could figure out this would not work. So we just decided to scout these guys ourselves and just walk up to them. We had a very funny morning. All these young strong boys were very pleased to speak to four white girls in the middle of Elandsdoorn. Some guys even came up to us and said ‘hello, hello.. Talk to me to!!’.. We succeeded and found a group of 15 strong, sporty, energetic, motivated boys who will join this sports clinic! We needed to make a picture of the guys for the participants-list. Tjeez, I laught in how the guys where posing on the pictures!

I will give keep you posted on how the first meeting with the guys where.

4. Office day
This week Ruth is off to Cape Town with the choir of Ndlovu Care Group. So we diseded to have a few office days and type out all the information we have got so far. Our research project is really getting somewhere!  🙂


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