JARIG! Ek is 23th, gevier op z’n Suid-Afrikaans

Today was my 23th birthday. I had the privilege to celebrate this day in South-Africa. I had not expected to celebrate my 23th birthday in South-Africa, with 30 degrees, at a swimingpool, with 4 girls I actually just know and my uncle, aunt and cousin..

It was Saturday so we where free from work and could do whatever we wanted to do..
I was woken up by my fellow students Bregje, Manouk and Melanie. They had decorated the garden terrace with 50 balloons and stuff. And we had our lovely breakfast in the sun with our ‘unicorn party hats’ on.


We have a pool in our garden so we are privileged engouh to take a swim whenever we want.
Emma had a small surprise to take us all to a local African coffeehouse to drink coffee and cake. It was very cute.

At the end of the day we made a small road trip. We drove up to ‘Loskopdam’. This is a known see sight point of this aria. All the fields of this aria get their water from this dam. There are crocodiles smimming in this water but still and all there are some guys swimming in the water…

The Loskop-Dam Dam! 

The sunset jurering our roadtrip!

Melanie was enjoying herself, that’s for shure……………
We really enjoyed our  ‘Unicorn Party’…. haha

After we drove back home my aunt had made a traditional Suid-Afrikaans meal for us. ‘’BIERKIP MET SLA’ (beer-chicken with salad).
Wauw, it was delicious, the chicken was soo smooth and soft, jam! We had a lovely diner in the garden. Outside of course because every meal is eaten outside in this country….


In the evening we were invited at a local campfire party of the friends of Emma. This campfire was in the middle of nowhere… We know it was at a farm but it was really and truly in the wildness.
Everybody brought drinks, music and there was a big fire.
They had put on ‘Suid-Afrikaans musiek’ and the guys started to teach us Suid-Afrikaans ballroom dancing! What a gents 😉

bon fire

Wauw… What a birthday! Special thanks to Emma, Bregje, Manouk and Melanie! xxxxxxxxxx

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