Welcome to “Ndlovu Care Group”

Monday – September 29th
Today was a day for investigating the surroundings. We got ourselves a simcard and introduced ourselves to the team of Ndlovu Care Group which works in the office.
Ofcourse all

Tuesday – September 30th
Getting up at 6.15 in the morning, welcome to the African life. People begin they day a lot earlier here because of the heat.
We drove up to the clinic where we will spend our coming 2,5 months and do our research. Bumpy ride, thats for shure! But we got there safe. It’s a 20 minute drive from our house in Groblersdal.

We had a tour around the park. WAUW… I knew that my uncle and aunt were doing well in expanding and building up their community but I was never expecting this. It was such a big clinic!
DSC_1104 DSC_1093 DSC_1089DSC_1086

We introduced ourselves to all the team members of Nldovu Care Group. There are at least 196 people working for Ndlovu Care Group right now.
We got a tour around the whole park.

– The medical clinic
– The medical research building
– The social work building
– The fitness centre
– The courts and sports fields for all the children

We will be mostly busy around the social work/community building and the sports fields.

We also met our new college/tutor/friend, her name is Ruth. She is the one and only social worker of Ndlovu Care Group. What a wonderfull woman. A big friend of everybody that works for Ndlovu as for the patients and children.
We will help here with different projects, organisation and other stuff we can help here with. What the main question for our research will be, we will discuss in a meeting with Hugo and Ruth this coming week.

In the afternoon we played a small tennis tournament with 8 local boys. It was around 30 degrees, so it was quite hot! But they were very fanatic… We all had a team name: Yough Tigers, Old Tigers, Blue Bats, The No Name’s.. So I am sure this tournament will carry on the next coming weeks……DSC_1172


As you can see in the pictures I gave the kids my laptop. I was trying them to spell their name. It was wonderful to see how all these friends were helping each other how to spell their names. DSC_1164 DSC_1162

The day after we played a lot of more games; ‘Tikkertje’, hide and seek and we made a walk around the neighbourhood. It is wonderful to see how pleased all the children are if i want to make a picture of them. All the girls start to pose like models.. We laughed our hart out. DSC_1125 DSC_1117 DSC_1115   DSC_1089 CSC_1151 CSC_1132 CSC_1131 CSC_1180  DSC_1096


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