New research in… SOUTH-AFRICA

The research project
‘Ndlovu Care Group’ is a community development group that has been operating in rural areas in South Africa since 1994. The Ndlovu model divides operational activities into two broad groups: Community Health Care and Community Development Programs. The programs are overall based on HIV and AIDS problems.

The last few years Ndlovu Care Group has been working for a lot of medical/health care and the prevention of HIV and AIDS. They call this the 1st wave problem. Sadly enough the problems are continuing throughout the second generation. Besides the genetic problems there are also a lot of social problems.

Reasoning behind the research
The problem of our project has to do with what we call the ‘2nd Wave’. The 2nd wave stands for all the child headed households of the family whose parents have died from Aids.

We will research how these children are keeping up their household without their parents. By visiting the children in their own homes we will get aware of the main problems these children’s have and how they could use help. We will mainly focus on the way the house headed child survives in this situation. How is his/her responsibility towards de rest of the family? By this research we will look at the emotional side as well as at the economical side.

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