Developed cooperation ?

History and Trends in development cooperation

What I found was a very interesting was the first college (week 1) and second college (week 2) of “History and Trends in development cooperation”. Developed cooperation between countries is something what is very useful these days.
But it is can also develop problems. We are all willing to make the world a better place. We want to help the 3th world countries. And what do we do? We give them money, go to their country to help them with voluntary work and trying to help them to become as self-destructive as our westerns.

But this is not the way we are going to save the world. Why is this not going to work?

  1. The dependency model
    The world is divided in the northern (westerns) part and the south (3th world countries). The southern countries are mostly the producers of a lot of products we sell as westerns on the market. We buy the raw materials of all these countries for a very low price. We import these to our own countries and fine-tune them ourselves into the final products. We are able to make a lot of money on the final product because we have the possibility to fine-tune the products. But actually it is not fair to the countries who are the producer of the main product. This is one of the main reasons why the economical balance between north and south is not equal. This dependency model has become a big problem.

So what we need to do is make these counties more self-sufficient. We have to help them to make the final products so they can sell it them self. That does mean we have to give in a lot of our business.
And that is the big question what is travelling around the world.. Are we willing to do that? It will definitely make the western world become less wealthy.

  1. They have their own history (TED-TALK)
    We are trying to let them become the same as us westerns. This is not going to work because the southern part of the world have a howl other history towards us. We cannot just copy-paste our history in their world. They have to travel it themselves. What we can do is educate them as much as possible.
  2. Question centred help
    We have to listen to what these people really need and want. Not just what we think the need. We all think we know what is good for these people but we are not listening enough.
    Sometimes we are the ones that are creating problems. We look at it as a problem so it becomes a problem. But it may not even be a problem to them!


  1. They all think the western world is so amazing. But is that true? We have a lot of corruption, betraying, stress and very high achieving goals. Is this really the best part of the world?
    I think we can learn more of all these countries. I hope to learn from their patience and how they survive life. What also inspires me is how people in less developed countries can be so happy with so little. Other cultures communicate in a different way compare to Europeans but still manage to achieve the same outcome. They do not have all the digital devices we have. If I read the papers and follow the news I am always fascinated in how creative other cultures are in solving problems with minimal material.
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